Creatine Abs

What side effects of creatine?Creatine has become a very popular supplement. Although creatine would not have the same effect on everyone, is proof that athletes benefit from some sports. Before the first treatment, most are concerned about possible side effects of creatine. Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about creatine and its effects. The following text is not a medical advice. It is only the information collected we thereof or our experiences. Any advice would always consult a doctor! What is creatine?Creatine is a substance not artificial, built through the body (liver) himself. It is composed of three amino acids, including amino acids (methionine). As well as phosphate (creatine phosphate) and atp (adenosine triphosphate), represents a small amount of energy in muscle cells. Similar to glucose, the calorific value allows the maximum for the output body only for a short period of time. Therefore, this type of energy is very useful for short exercise of force, like a series of weightlifting with 10 repetitions or a sprint for 100 meters. Even if it is assured of taking the creatine of regular consumers, one aimed at a broader set of creatine phosphate, creatine supplement use. Adverse effects?Creatine is a steroid and has similar side effects such as hormones, etc., false. Creatine is not a steroid. Part of a supply of energy for the body. See above. Creatine causes stomach ProblemsMight to be true. Some people suffer from gastrointestinal disorders or diarrhea (or gas). These problems can be avoided if you consume enough water. Creatine is difficult to dissolve. Dust remains in the stomach for long and caused gas, etc, so at least one gallon per day should be consumed. If the problem persists, check also the overdose. Creatine causes this weight GainTrue. Weight gain of storage of water in the muscles. But this is what you want. Supports the process of extraction of the muscular and disappears after treatment. Can damage the kidneys, liver. Set to false. Creatine all is not used by the body (overdose) is excreted by the kidneys (urine). As for overdosing (with the exception of extreme overdose!), filtered by the kidneys (excessive protein intake g. (), so make sure that you drink enough water. You creatine abs have more energy and strength during a TreatmentTrue creatine. As mentioned above, you will receive an additional source of energy during the course of a few seconds there as usual. For example, if you make the bench and its weight up to 10 repetitions of 200 pounds. Do 12 repetitions or repetitions to 220 kg 10. You can build more weight or more training and I hope more muscle. It is a creatine, there are side effects. Creatine can cause muscle cramps and DehydrationThis is an entry that is not scientifically proven. If you have muscle spasms, taking mg tablets. And drink plenty of water as possible. .